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Players can expect to find a wide range of casino-related terms, such as game-specific lingo, betting terms, and payout terms. For instance, players can learn about the difference between a ‘multiplier’ and a ‘wild symbol’ in slot games. They can also learn terms such as ‘ante,’ which is a mandatory bet required by players to enter a game, and ‘bankroll,’ which refers to the total amount of money a player has to gamble.

The Crazy Casino glossary section is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing players to quickly find the terms they need. It provides a clear and concise definition of each term, making it easy for players to understand. The glossary can also Crazy Casino Help players avoid any misunderstandings or confusion when playing their favorite games.

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Online Casino Terminologies

243 Ways to Win

A gambling term used to describe the mechanics present in slot machines and video slot games where there are exactly 243 different ways in which players can win.


The total sum of money put into play by a player or other players at the table.

Active Payline

A mechanic integrated in the design of slot machines or video slots where the player can choose which paylines they want to bet on.


Automatic Card Shuffler, a machine used to shuffle cards in casinos.


An additional count of chips that can be added by the players to their bankroll during a tournament.


A partnership between businesses where one sends customers to the other and generates revenue.

Aggregate Limit

The maximum amount a casino is willing to pay out in a single hand.


A term used in Poker where a player wagers all their remaining chips in the pot.


A bet which is required before starting a hand or round in certain casino games.


A player with exceptional dice throwing skills.


One of the most popular casino games.


The amount of money a user has available for making bets.


An alternative term used for the house or dealer.


The total amount of money a player has for gambling.


A term used to describe players whose accounts or IP addresses are banned by the online casino.


A player who conceals the identity of another player.


A dispute between the casino and player.

Beginner's Luck

A term used to describe when a new player wins due to sheer luck.

Bet Max

The maximum number of coins a player can bet on all active paylines in a slot machine or video slot game.

Bet Min

The minimum possible bet amount that gets automatically set when a player clicks on the Bet Min button.

Betting Limits

The minimum and maximum amounts that players can bet in a game.


A popular online casino game with many variations, including American Blackjack, Spanish 21, and Blackjack Switch.

Blind Bet

A bet placed by a player before seeing their cards.


Forced bets placed by players in certain casino games.


Additional money given by online casinos to players when they meet certain requirements.

Break-Even Point

When a player wins the same amount that they wagered earlier.

Breaking the Bank

Winning a large amount of money in a casino game.


A variation of Poker played against casinos using three cards.


A wildcard used in Poker to create flushes and straights.


The process of exchanging cash for casino chips.


A secure area in the casino where large amounts of money are stored.


A player accepting the current set of wagers before passing the action to the next player.


Players hiding their current hands, playstyle, and identity.


A form of cheating where a player adds or removes chips from their bet after the outcome has been declared.

Card Counting

A process of counting and remembering played cards used in Blackjack.

Card Sharp

A person with exceptional skills in playing card games.

Card Washing

A technique used by dealers to shuffle cards.

Caribbean Stud Poker

A casino table game based on five-card stud poker.

Cascading/Collapsing Reels

A bonus feature appearing when the winning combination is landed on a slot machine or video slot.


When players receive a refund in case of a losing bet.


The process of withdrawing money from an online casino.

Casino Advantage

The mathematical advantage that online casinos have over players, also known as the house edge.

Casino Rewards

Additional bonuses or prizes earned by players.

Casino Tournament

A competition held in the casino, in which players can compete for prizes or bonuses.


A player continuing to gamble in the hopes of recovering from losses.


A kind of currency used in casinos.

Classic Slots

A term used to describe a type of slot machine or video slot game.


A person betting the same number as the winning player.


Another type of currency used in online casinos.


A period of time when a player is on a losing streak.

Colouring Up

The exchange of smaller valued chip denominations for chips of higher value.

Comp Points

Reward points earned by players that can be exchanged for chips.

Cracking the Nut

Term used to describe players who earn enough money to cover their expenses and make a profit.

Crazy Casino Craps

A popular online casino game.


A term used to describe when dealers chat About Crazy Casino things other than the game in front of players.

Card Shark

A term used to describe a person with expertise in playing card Crazy Casino Games.

Chip Tray

A tray used by the croupier or dealer for holding house chips.

Color Up

The act of exchanging small denomination chips for larger ones.

Comp Points

Reward points earned by players that can be exchanged for chips.


French term used to describe casino dealers.

D'Alembert Betting System

A betting system created by Jean Le Rond D'Alembert, a mathematical genius in the 18th century.

Reload Bonus

An offer given to existing customers of online casinos when they make a new deposit.


The horizontal columns that are a vital element of slot games.


Complimentary rewards given to VIP players in casinos.


The last community card dealt by the dealer in a game of poker, known as the river.

Royal Flush

The best possible combination of hands in a game of poker, without any wild cards.


Random Number Generator, a software algorithm used to generate random outcomes.

Crazy Casino Roulette

A popular casino game in which players place bets on various conditions.


A player who is paid to play.


A board or card containing the bingo numbers.

Shuffle Tracking

A card counting technique.


A small device or mirror used to reflect light and reveal unexposed cards.

Silver Mining

A practice of walking from one slot machine to another, looking for unattended coins.

Sixth Street

The fourth stage of betting in a game of Seven-Stud Poker.


Stealing money from the casino.


Money in the casinos.


A popular online casino game.


A winning streak in a game of slots.


A box used for dealing cards in casinos.

Sign-up Bonus

A Crazy Casino Bonus offered to new customers when they join an online casino.


The total amount wagered on a casino game's outcome.

Sticky Bonus

A bonus that stays in a player's account until it is lost, without being withdrawn.


Peeking at a dealer’s hole cards from behind them.

Sticky Stacked Wilds

Bonus features in slot games that are stacked.

Standing Hand

A hand of cards that indicates players or dealers should stop hitting.

Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols that remain stuck to playing grids.


Multiple kinds of casino playing cards.


A type of bet in Blackjack and Roulette games.


Rules set for forming betting strategies.

Table Hold

The money made during an 8-hour shift at a single table game.

Table Limit

The bet limits in a table game in casinos.

Table Stakes

The rule that players cannot remove or add chips to active hands during play.


The subtle signs of quirks exhibited by a dealer or a player.

Third Street

The first betting round of Seven Stud Poker.

Three of a Kind

A hand with three cards of the same rank.

Tap Out

Losing the entire bankroll of the player.

Time Cut

The money charged by casinos from players to play in their poker rooms.


A hand with three cards of the same rank.


A box used for tipping dealers during casino Crazy Casino Table Games.


A gambling game that is centuries old, also known as Crazy Casino Blackjack.


A way of playing a strong hand with greater winning chances.


The smallest amount used for making bets in online casinos.

Up Card

Face-up cards of dealers.


The commission or fees taken by the house.

Viking Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker, a variation of Poker game.


High-value players receiving special treatments.


The bets made in land-based and online casinos.

Wagering Requirements

A certain amount of money that must be wagered to release or earn a bonus in online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

Bonuses offered to new customers when they join online casinos.


Actions performed by croupiers.

Web Wallet

Online wallets used in casinos.


A player with high value playing for big stakes.

Wild Symbols

Special symbols in slot machine games and video Crazy Casino Slots.


The process of cashing in chips at the casino's cage.